The Top 23 Documents Everyone Should Have

Top 23 Legal Documents You Should Have
Many times a family member or loved one passes away without having the necessary documents in order to handle personal and business affairs efficiently and easily. Below are the “Top 23” documents everyone should have readily available in a fire proof safe or safety deposit box to protect their Estate:

· An original will

· A revocable living trust

· A “letter of instruction”

· Durable financial power-of-attorney

· Documentation of housing and land ownership, cemetery plots, vehicles, stock certificates and savings bonds; any partnership or corporate operating agreements; and a list of brokerage and escrow mortgage accounts

· Documents that list loans you have made to others

· List of any debts you owe to avoid surprising your family

· Most recent three years of tax returns available

· A list of all accounts and online log-in information

· Safe-deposit boxes you own

· Durable health-care power-of-attorney

· Authorization to Release Protected Healthcare Information

· A living will detailing your wishes

· Copies of life-insurance policies

· A list of pensions, annuities, individual retirement accounts and 401(k)s for your spouse and children

· Your marriage license

· The distribution sheet listing bank-account numbers that accompanied the settlement

· A copy of the most recent child-support payment order

· Copy of the “qualified domestic-relations order”

· Copy of the final decree of divorce

· Copy of your social security card

· Copy of your birth certificate

· A trust if you have a child(ren) under the age of 18 which designates a Trustee

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