How Going Through My Own Divorce Made Me a More Compassionate Divorce Attorney

I have handled literally thousands of divorce cases throughout my career but nothing could prepare me for the challenges I faced with my own divorce.

A divorce is so much more than just the legal process of hiring a lawyer and going to Court for a hearing. I personally was not prepared for what occurs outside of the Courtroom such as the reactions of my church members, colleagues, family, and community. I never realized before my divorce that clients faced a lot of the same devastating negative reactions. I could now relate to how debilitating that could be for them.

What I learned from my own experience has made me a more understanding attorney when serving my clients going through a divorce. I hope it has made me a more compassionate human being. I am much more sympathetic now to my client’s own divorce process. I truly get it now when a client becomes so emotional he or she can not make a solid decision and leans on me to help. I know the pain and the challenges ahead. I have a perspective.

The emotionality of the divorce far outweighs the legal process. Being able to appreciate my client’s obstacles at the emotional level helps me to determine how best to strategize and plan for their case in a much different way than before.

Clients face so much more than making decisions about their case, attending hearings, and meeting with their lawyer. Financial struggles, being the subject of ruthless gossip, being judged, and facing personal betrayals are just a few of the paralyzing issues clients may have to deal with.

Although I am not my client’s counselor, I am their advocate and realist. I don’t have a crystal ball or fairy wand but I have the personal and professional experiences to say to my client you will get through this and life will go on. Take it one day, one minute, one second at a time.

I am here to make the divorce process a thorough and dignified one for my clients because what they are left with after the final hearing is the foundation for the next chapter of their lives.

I don’t take that responsibility lightly.