South Carolina requires a real estate lawyer to oversee every real estate transaction in the state. And you have a choice in who represents you whether you are a buyer or seller.

Real Estate Contracts

When an offer is made in a real estate transaction, it is done in the form of a legal contract. Price is often the biggest thing buyers and sellers consider, but there are many other items in the offer that impact both buyers and sellers. Real estate professionals may provide guidance in preparing the offer, but they cannot provide legal advice. We can help buyers make sense of real estate contracts and negotiate changes or write contracts for sellers.

Deed Preparation

Deeds are the legal documents that transfer ownership of property. When you buy or sell land (with or without a house), the deed is signed over to the new owner. However, you may need deed preparation in other circumstances.

  • Transferring property to a family member for tax reasons
  • Transferring property into a trust, partnership or LLC
  • Titling a home after a divorce or marriage

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation can take many forms. There may be a dispute over the sales contract after the sale. There may be disputes over boundaries, title defect claims, or property rights use conflicts.

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