Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges? You need an experienced trial attorney to help you navigate the criminal court system. Criminal charges can have a lasting impact on your life, including jail time and limited future employment opportunities. April Porter defends your rights for everything from traffic tickets to more serious charges.

DUI Defense

A DUI arrest is a serious criminal charge that can impact your future. DUI charges may carry more serious consequences that impact your life more than other convictions. DUI convictions can limit your ability to drive, your employment options, college scholarships and more. You need an experienced DUI lawyer to help you fight for your rights. April D. Porter is experienced in DUI defense

Domestic Violence Defense

South Carolina domestic violence laws changed in 2015, increasing penalties and changing the name of the charges from “criminal domestic violence” to “domestic violence.” Even if you are charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, this is a serious charge and you need the help of a defense attorney. First time domestic violence convictions can result in jail time; prevent you from carrying a firearm; and impacting child custody and your employment.

Drug Charges Defense

Drug charges are the most common reason for an arrest in South Carolina. The most common offense is simple possession of marijuana. Other common charges are possession of cocaine or heroin. Penalties vary depending upon the drug involved, but any conviction could impact your employment, reduce your ability to pay for college, and prevent you from renting in some apartment complexes. If you are facing any drug charges, you need the help of an experience trial attorney.

Assault and Battery Defense

Prosecutors determine assault and battery charges based on the severity of the injuries involved, whether a weapon was involved and if it was part of another crime. Higher levels of assault and battery can result in lengthy prison time. The most common assault charge is 3rd degree (sometimes called simple assault), which is a misdemeanor, but could still result in up to 30 days in jail. If you are facing an assault charge, April Porter can help you protect your future and your rights.

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