Anything in family court is considered family law. As the name implies, this generally involves people who are or have been an important part of your life. Emotions can run high with family law and April Porter has the experience and compassion to help you navigate the legal system during these emotional times.


The possibility of divorce raises many questions. Who stays in the house and pays the mortgage? How will divorce impact your ability to see your children? Because divorce touches so many parts of your life, it can become complex legally and emotionally.

April Porter will help you navigate the entire process, and will fight for your best interests in family court. She knows how difficult financially, socially and emotionally a divorce can be. She’s been there herself. You can count on her to understand and advise you when difficult decisions need to be made.

Child Support

A common concern when children are involved in family court is how the parents will fairly share in the cost of raising them. There are guidelines in South Carolina for the amount of child support the court orders (see the DSS Child Support Calculator). Child support is also one of the most revisited items in family court because, as circumstances change, the amount of financial support needed may be challenged by either one of the parents. A parent may also need the help of an attorney with child support enforcement.

Child Custody

Like child support, legal custody of a child can be revisited in court until the child becomes an adult. If circumstances in one of the parent’s lives changes substantially, the court may reconsider the original custody order. You and your child’s future may be significantly impacted by the results of a custody hearing. If you are facing a child custody situation, April Porter can help you understand your custody rights and fight for a fair custody decision.


One of the most rewarding areas of family law is adoption. Without help, the adoption process can be overwhelming. April Porter will guide you through the steps that lead up to the day when you legally add a child to your family.

Name Change

You may wish to change your name or the name of your minor child. A family court judge may approve some name changes as part of a divorce, but others require separate legal hearings. We ‘ll guide you through the process so you obtain the correct legal documents and are prepared to explain to the judge why the name change should be granted.

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